Using Job Match is easy!

Simply follow the steps below to create, match and advertise your job profiles!

Job Seeker Account Login

The Job Seeker Account Login page is the entry point into Job Match. If you already have a Job Seeker Account, please enter your usercode and password to access your account. If you do not have a Job Seeker Account, you are invited to create one.

Create a Job Seeker Account

Once you have agreed to abide by the Terms of Use for Job Match, you may create your Job Seeker Account.

Basic Information

Simply enter the information as indicated on the Create a Job Seeker Account page: your first name, last name and postal code. You may also choose to provide your E-mail address.

Self Identification Option for Persons with Disabilities

You may choose to self identify as a person with a disability. A link to information on the self identification option resides on this page.


Please create and enter a password (4 to 10 characters) and confirm this password.

Question and Answer

Please create and enter a question and answer that will be used to authenticate your identity and retrieve your password should you forget it. If you successfully enter all required information for the creation of your Job Seeker Account, the system will provide you with a usercode. Please keep this usercode in a secure place as it will be required to access Job Match for future sessions.

Job Seeker Account Information

This page displays your account information. You may activate your name to access your account to make any necessary changes. This page offers you the option to create a job profile and will list all the job profiles that you have created.

Create A Job Profile

You may create up to three different job profiles.

Select a Job Title

To create a job profile, please enter the job title for the profile you would like to create. You will be presented with a list of other job titles that relate to the job title you entered. From this list, please select the job title that most accurately reflects the job for which you would like to create a profile. To assist you with this selection, you may view the job title definitions for the various job titles presented in the list.

Select Where You are Willing to Work

Once you have made a Job Title selection, please indicate where you would like to work. You can select the province or territory in which you are willing to work and further refine your choice by selecting the area within the province or territory you have selected.

Identify Your Skills

Next, Job Match asks you to provide information about your skill set. This section is made up of checklists. Simply select the checkbox that indicates your skill level. Please note that some checklists require only one selection while others ask you to select all skills that apply.

Enter How Employers Can Contact You

Indicate how employers can contact you. You can provide your name, telephone numbers, address and/or E-mail address.

Remain Anonymous

Job Match also offers job seekers the option to remain anonymous to employers. If you prefer this option, simply select ‘Remain Anonymous’ and an Anonymous Inbox will be created for you. Employers will be able to contact you via this inbox.

Correct My Profile

Job Match gives you the opportunity to review and make any necessary changes to any part of your job profile. Once you have reviewed your job profile, you may perform a match with current job advertisements and/or advertise your job profile so that it may be matched with future employer job advertisements.


This feature allows you to perform an immediate match. You do not have to advertise your profile with this option. The match is done automatically and anonymously. Simply activate ‘Save’ and you will be taken to your Job Seeker Account Login page. Here, you simply activate the ‘Match’ option that resides under your profile title. Job Match will display the current job advertisements that match your job profile.

Save and Advertise

This feature allows you to post your profile in the Job Match system to be viewed by potential employers. If an employer views your job profile and wishes to contact you, this person will do so through your specified contact medium (telephone, mail, E-mail or Anonymous Inbox). If you choose the ‘Save and Advertise’ option you will be asked to specify an advertisement end date. Your job profile will not be deleted at the end of the specified time period but simply removed from advertisement and saved in your Job Seeker Account.


This feature allows you to create and save a job profile without having to immediately match or advertise. The job profile will be saved in your Job Seeker Account. From the Job Seeker Account Information page, you are able to review, modify, delete, advertise and match any job profile as well as create new job profiles.